Welcome to the Parkinson’s Cycling Program

Hi ,

John and I are excited to train you to become a Parkinson’s Cycling Coach!

Let’s get started 🙂

You’ll need to be logged in as a student to gain access to this material – you will see Welcome  on the RH side of every page that shows you are logged in successfully.

We’ve designed this education to be as easy as possible for you to work through. It’s broken down into 5 categories, with multiple sections under each.

Program turtorial

It’s up to you to work through everything sequentially or randomly, but it is important that you fully understand each section before attempting the final exam.

final exam turtorial

We have included links to download all of the audio content if you’d prefer to listen using your portable device – you’ll find them here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me – Coach Kathy.

Thank you for joining our army of Parkinson’s Cycling Coaches! You will be making a huge impact in the lives of these people living with this horrible disease.

Kathy Helmuth – Parkinson’s Cycling Master Coach