Parkinson’s Cycling Coach Program

Intro- Recruiting an army

Module 1-Parkinson’s Cycling Coach Overview

a. Background of Parkinson’s Disease and Cycling

b. Tools 4 Success

c.  Coach’s Prerequisites

d. Coach’s Attributes

e. Coach’s Code of Conduct

Module 2- Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

a. What is Parkinson’s Disease

b. How is Parkinson’s Disease treated?

c. What are the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?

d. What are the Stages of Parkinson’s Disease

e. Common medications for treating Parkinson’s Disease

f. Why Cycling?

Module 3- Riders/Participants

a. Levels of riders

b. Goal Setting for riders

c. Individual Bike Set up

d. Other factors                                                                                                                           i. Hydration                                                                                                                                 ii.  Attire/Thermoregulation

e. 4 Riders, 4 Personalities

Module 4- Creating the Parkinson’s Cycling Class

a. Exercise Requirements

b. Initial visit                                                                                                                              i. Observations                                                                                                                        ii. Communication

c.  Initial Baseline Testing Protocol

d. Training with Power

e. Heart rate training for Parkinson’s Cycling Classes

Module 5- Expand your knowledge

a. Additional Reference

b. Check your Knowledge

c. References and Acknowledgements