Parkinson’s Cycling Coach (and ICI/PRO member) Sheryl DeBoer is offering classes at the CoxHealth Fitness Centers in Springfield, Mo. She shared this short video with me showing how they are using music therapy as part of their parkinson’s Cycling Classes.

Sheryl provided this information about her program:

Hi John:

I am excited to see what new information this will provide.

I am working with a music therapist in my Parkinson’s class. He is also on the Parkinson’s Board in our Springfield area.

We have been offering Parkinson’s Cycling for several months now . It has been a pleasure as well as a challenge to work with this very special group.

I have signed up for this certification because I am always interested in what other people are doing and also to improve my program if possible.

It was quite a challenge to get this class offered but well worth the effort.

Anyone from our community can participate in Parkinson’s Cycling at our fitness center without charge. Our local Parkinson’s Board is paying for the expenses of the class. Right now we offer one a week for 8 week sessions.

I am emailing a video to you of my beta participant, Michael. He has very advanced Parkinson’s.

This is the video we used to present our class ideas to the Parkinson’s Board. We now have a class one time a week.

Thanks for asking.
Sheryl DeBoer
Group Exercise Coordinator/Cycling
CoxHealth Fitness Centers
Springfield, Mo.

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